88 Polyester Putty

88 Polyester Putty

Polikor 88 Polyester Putty is an unsaturated polyester resin based putty which has a creamy structure offers its user an extremely easy application with no pinholes. With its enhanced formula, offers excellent adhesion even on galvanized steel. Both wet and dry sandability property makes application very convenient.

In conjunction with Benzoyl Peroxide paste as hardener, it readily hardens even at low temperature conditions. It gives tack-free surfaces without any shrinkage during curing. Polikor 88 Polyester Putty forms smooth, pinhole free surface without any crack or shrinkage.

Item No Colour Packing Units Net
088007 Yellow 1/2 18 0.415 Kg.
088014 Yellow 1/1 12 0.825 Kg.
088021 Yellow 2/1 8 1.675 Kg.
088038 Yellow 3/1 4 2.760 Kg.
088045 Yellow 4/1 4 3.800 Kg.
088045 Yellow Cartridge 6 3.060 Kg.

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